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罗技 G933 游戏耳机重置后配对方法

2021-12-02 | 分类: 计算机硬件 | 查看: 4735

Pair the G933 gaming headset to the USB Wireless Mix Adapter                      

If your G933 gaming headset becomes unpaired or if you receive a replacement USB Wireless Mix Adapter, follow these instructions to pair your G933 gaming headset with the USB adapter:

  1. Connect the USB Wireless Mix Adapter to a powered USB port on your PC or gaming console.


  2. Insert a pin into the reset port (A) on the adapter to initiate the pairing mode. The LED on the adapter will begin to blink to indicate pairing mode.

    USB Wireless Mix Adapter

    用一个sim卡针或回形针 按一下usb适配器上的小孔内的按钮,2秒即可。 设备会快速闪绿灯。

  3. Once the LED begins blinking, remove the pin from the reset port on the adapter.

  4. Turn on the headset.


  5. Hold the Microphone Mute button for 15 seconds.

    按住耳机侧面第三个按钮(麦克风静音钮) 15秒,听到几声响也不要松.

  6. The G logo on the headset will blink to indicate pairing mode.

    G logo会闪,标识进入配对模式。如果pc端打开罗技软件的话,应该几秒就能看到G933耳机已经配对到usb适配器,显示耳机的电量等信息。

  7. The G logo turns to a solid color, and then returns to your selected lighting when pairing is complete.



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