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LSI 9217 刷 9207 IT模式 HBA卡 命令

最近搞了个HP DL320 Gen8v2 的半长1U 服务器,自己玩玩VMWARE, 主板是集成的B120i控制器, 内置4个 2.5G sas 接口。

觉得控制器low ,还是要独立的控制器, 官方文档推荐的是HP 222 控制器 4i4e SAS2 接口. 闲鱼300 起 , 有点贵, 而且又不是IT模式。
之前给HP G7 N54L 买过一个  P410 阵列卡, 现在已经是烂大街的价格,先装了上面,系统可以识别,装个Win server 还可以,但不是HBA卡就不舒服。 以前的N54L为了DSM 群晖系统, 都买了个 富士通的D 2607,刷 9211 IT固件。  这个1u的机器,也少不了弄个HBA卡。

先是看了个IBM M5015 ,LSI 9260 芯片, SAS 2108。。。  
闲鱼无意之间看到 LSI  9217 , 内部是SAS2308 芯片,内置控制器速度比 SAS2008(9211)快。支持PCI-E 3.0.  弄了一个, 官方 LSI 固件9217  支持 Raid ,用MGM工具可以识别。
到手先挂asus 台式机上试了一下,可以用。 下面就介绍一下如何刷 LSI 9217 到 LSI 9208  crossflash IT mode fw.

My used HW: USB stick + Desktop PC (not the server board) with a motherboard Asus Z370-E (hosting i7-8700K + 32GB RAM but it doesn’t matter). The motherboard shall support UEFI version >=1.0 and be able to access USB from BIOS/EFI shell.

Step-by-step procedure:

Intel D3-S4610 SATA Mixed Use SATA SSD Launched up to 3.84TB

Intel SATA SSD Needs Power to Function

Intel has a long history of x6xx SSDs. The latest generation is the Intel D3-S4610 SSD which uses Intel’s TLC 3D NAND technology to bring more capacity to the segment. This is the segment of the market that still wants SATA III SSDs due to the ubiquity of the 6.0gbps interface. Customers in this segment need more performance and write endurance than a purely read optimized capacity tier, but do not need premium performance.

Reflash System for OpenFrame 恢复o2 Joggler的系统

Reflash System for OpenFrame

Xubuntu 14.04 LTS for o2 Joggler

Xubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty)

Bricked o2 joggler 修复o2 Joggler的启动失败问题

Try the blind typing thing with a bootable USB stick.  

If you get it to boot then reformat the MMC a couple of times and rewrite the EFI boot partition to see if you can get it to boot from a USB stick.

Only try the boot from a directly plugged in USB stick either inside or on the side and no USB hub.  Plug the USB keyboard / mouse combo into the second USB port (remove the USB wireless card for the time being).

Blind typing procedure:

Recovering an unbootable Joggler

1 - Before you do any of this, it is essential that you have a working usbstick with an efi partition and a working OS with all drivers.

2 - If something you do leaves the Joggler in a non-booting state (i.e. stuck on O2/OpenPeak screen) take the following steps:
A - Don't Panic
B - Attach keyboard and known good usb stick, and apply power to the Joggler
C - Press escape frantically (oh yes just like the good ol' days)
D - Once the num-lock key has lit, press escape a few more times. The process has worked if the numlock/caps lock key switches on and off when you press the appropriate key.
E - type the following: fs1:boot and press enter. You are typing blind thanks to the jogglers boot screen.
F - If it doesn't boot the USB stick repeat the whole process.
G - It it doesn't work repeat the whole process but type fs0:boot and press enter

3 - Once booting into Ubuntu delete the MMC parition, create one EFI boot partition (DD or just copy it with GParted).  

4 - Test the booting to USB with the newly written EFI boot partition.

SqueezePlay OS for OpenFrame

Latest Release: 15th January 2015 – CHANGELOG

Download SqueezePlay OS v3.03 for External Storage – (220MB) MD5

OpenPeak Firmware v30301 o2 Jogger相框固件

OpenPeak Firmware v30301

O2 Jogger 重刷系统

Reflash System for OpenFrame

Pegatron IPXSB-H61 2206 BIOS

Pegatron IPXSB-H61 2206 BIOS升级

和硕这款 IPXSB H61 主板给很多产品品牌做过oem, 清华同方 H61,海尔电脑 H61,中柏电脑 H61,方正电脑 H61,主板有绿色和黄色两块,黄色这个bios 是4Mb的,绿色据说是8Mb的, 有的新机器直接带的新固件 支持3xxx 22纳米 cpu

​intel 82754L网卡修改MAC地址

(1)解压下载下来的文件,我这里使用的USBoot 1.67
(2)启动计算机到DOS模式,进入eeupdate目录,运行eeupdate.exe,查看网卡的nic 的id号,这里我的intel网卡nic id=1
(3)执行eeupdate /nic=1 /mac=001122334455  命令, 将网卡的MAC修改为00-11-22-33-44-55。
注意:网卡的硬件设置可以先备份,例如 eeupdate /all /dump 命令可以将网卡的硬件配置存成.eep文件。


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